Sunday, August 2, 2015

Final Fantasy VII Fan Project

This Final Fantasy fan project is a "remake" (sensitive word recently) of Cloud's final encounter with Sephiroth. Done using Unity and Playmaker plugin.

Music and sound effects recreated by ear, using Audacity, FL studio, and  Bfxr
Models and animation made by me, using 3ds Max, and photoshop.
Particles effects tweaked from the Cartoon FX packs by Jean Moreno

My first try at webgl build, embedding onto browser, so it might not work for all browsers, or any at all. Also, it might take some time to load... still figuring out how to best optimize the build. Let me know if it doesn't wor... or if you know a better way to tweak the build settings.

Start screen should look like:

Lastly, plugging some links of my work that inspired this project.

and also my online gallery:

Will go and document my process and post it up some time.

Have fun!

3D Modeling Showreel April 2010

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